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Телефон:+7 (8422) 68-84-95, Электронная почта: mail@specavto.com
We have created a new model of milk tanker based on UAZ Profi, which will be an ideal option for purchase.

This model - UAZ-362213 Molokovoz has several advantages:

It should be noted that the base car UAZ - Profi perfectly combines the properties of an SUV and the comfort of a car, has high functional and economical qualities:

The car interior is executed qualitatively, it is equipped with vibration isolation and noise absorption, it is very comfortable and practical, which is of no small importance for a long stay behind the wheel. The car management system is conveniently located, there is an extensive set of options.

The car is designed for operation on all categories of roads, including ideal for rural areas, which is due to the availability of a reliable gasoline engine ZMZ.

You can buy from us a new milk truck UAZ-362213 from the manufacturer, inexpensive, in the city of Ulyanovsk.