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"Fuel servicing truck" UAZ-362233

"Fuel servicing truck" UAZ-362233

5940 Length, mm
2315 Width, mm
2100 Height, mm
210 Ground clearance, mm
3500 Permissible maximum mass, kg
1500 Tank capacity, l
ZMZ409051 Engine model
Gasoline Engine type
1 Number of sections, pcs.
500 The inner diameter of the neck, mm
Elliptical The shape of the container is
25 Conditional passage of drain cranes, mm

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Special equipment for
"Fuel servicing truck" UAZ-362233

brand Benza refueling module
gasoline Type of fuel diesel fuel,
12V Power,
1,1 Working pressure, bar
1% Permissible error
+40 Operating temperature, ºС -40 -
30 Work cycle, min
75 Productivity, l / min

"Fuel servicing truck" UAZ-362233

"Tanker" is designed for transportation of light petroleum products. The tank is made in the form of an elliptical shape, made of steel St09G2S, t = 3mm, mounted on a platform and fixed on the crossbars using tie straps.

The single-section housing has a neck. A respiratory valve UD-1 is installed on the neck cover to release excess pressure or vacuum.

In the compartment on the rear platform, a fuel dispenser is installed to perform the “refuel” operation. The body of the compartment is a protective device that protects the tank from impacts from the rear. The car is equipped with an orange flashing light.

The warranty period for the tank for the transportation of light petroleum products is 12 months from the date of signing of the transfer acceptance certificate.

The warranty period of operation of the Benza electric pump is established by the manufacturer of Penzaspetsavtomash and is 24 months.

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"Fuel servicing truck" UAZ-362233