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«Tanker» UAZ-36223

«Tanker» UAZ-36223

4535 Length (mm)
1974 Width (mm)
2355 Height, (mm)
210 Ground clearance (mm)
2/2 Number of seats / doors
Gasoline Engine Type
ZMZ-4091 Engine model
2693 Engine capacity (cm³2)
112 Power (l/s)
110 The maximum speed (km/h)
1750 Weight, (kg)

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«Tanker» UAZ-36223«Tanker» UAZ-36223«Tanker» UAZ-36223«Tanker» UAZ-36223

Reviews for «Tanker» UAZ-36223

We serve several objects that spaced apart from each other. And the nearest gas station is in dozens of kilometers, as a rule. Recently acquired tanker UAZ saved us from this headache. Come directly at the subject to fill us with gas- and no problems!

Mitrokhin, head of the convoy

We do not need the unnecessary problems. Therefore, when we were buying a tanker, we checked all the documents for compliance. Producers met us with full understanding.

Sergei Ivanovich, Head carpool/span>

Exact cost of «Tanker» UAZ-36223

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Special equipment for
«Tanker» UAZ-36223

Benza filling module brand
Gasoline Fuel Type, diesel,
12V Power supply,
0.5МПа Maximum operating pressure, MPa
1% margin of error
40 Operating temperature ºС -40 -
30 Duty cycle, min
57 Productivity, l / min

«Tanker» UAZ-36223

The main aim of this car is transportation of light oil on all kinds of roads, up to the cross-country and off-road. The model is based on the chassis of the UAZ-33036 with the ZMZ 4091 engine and power 112 h/p.

Experts know that the tanker is very specific vehicle and must meet certain standards. Our UAZ-36223 is manufactured in accordance with GOST 15150 for areas with a temperate climate. Design features dictated by the strict requirements of functional safety.
Cistern of «Tanker UAZ-36223»:

  • Internal two-piece enclosure: stainless steel technical.
  • External facing: Rolled structural mild steel or stainless steel
  • Insulation tank not allow light oil products temperature changes by more than 2 ° C temperature difference between the product and the environment of 30 + 2 ° C for 10 hours.
  • the car is equipped with a reliable fuel dispensers for filling.

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«Tanker» UAZ-36223