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«Tanker» GAZ – 362231

«Tanker» GAZ – 362231

5630 Length (mm)
2513 Width (mm)
2131 Height, (mm)
170 Ground clearance (mm)
2/3 Number of seats/doors
Gasoline Engine Type
ZMZ-4026 Engine model
2445 Engine capacity (cm³ 2)
100 Power (l/s)
115 The maximum speed (km/h)
2060 Weight, (kg)

Gallery «Tanker» GAZ – 362231

«Tanker» GAZ – 362231«Tanker» GAZ – 362231«Tanker» GAZ – 362231«Tanker» GAZ – 362231«Tanker» GAZ – 362231«Tanker» GAZ – 362231«Tanker» GAZ – 362231«Tanker» GAZ – 362231«Tanker» GAZ – 362231

Reviews for «Tanker» GAZ – 362231

To fill and storage petroleum products in this gasoline tank truck is very easy. From a security standpoint, there is no questions too. A huge "pluses" like speed and mobility can help to save extra money.

Sergei Timofeyevich, Deputy. Head of convoys

I've been working with fuel trucks for many years, but this truck I like the most. I think it is more strict and reliable or something. Every detail is worked out to the smallest detail. It works well, and service is not a problem.

Stepan Viktorovich, driver

Exact cost of «Tanker» GAZ – 362231

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Special equipment for
«Tanker» GAZ – 362231

(2)pcs. Benza 1 Filling unit
1 Rotating beacon
2 Breathing valve UD-1
2 Fire extinguishers
2 Underride timber
1 Side protection
1 Spark arrester GCI-55
1 ground Circuit
1 felt met
1 Box for sand
1 Box for felt met and sliding system
1 Compartment for the fuel-equipment
750l+750l tank for transportation and storage of light oil

«Tanker» GAZ – 362231

We pleased to present you our tanker based on GAZ chassis. Notable advantages:

  • presentable appearance
  • reliable four-cylinder engine
  • tank capacity -1500 liters with two insulated tanks: 750l and 750l. - With one or two fuel dispensers

The car is intended for transportation, storage and refueling vehicles with light oil. Demanded for trucking companies services, technology parks, industrial plants and farms. Manufactured in conformity with GOST 15150.

All tankers of our company is inspected with pre-sale preparation. They are reliable, safe and can become indispensable tool for your business.

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«Tanker» GAZ – 362231