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«Product» UAZ-29051

«Product» UAZ-29051

4465 Length (mm)
1940 Width (mm)
2487 Height, (mm)
210 Ground clearance (mm)
2/2 Number of seats / doors
Gasoline Engine Type
ZMZ-4091 Engine model
2693 Engine capacity, cm³
112 Power (l/s)
110 The maximum speed (km/h)
1956 Weight, (kg)

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«Product» UAZ-29051«Product» UAZ-29051«Product» UAZ-29051«Product» UAZ-29051

Reviews for «Product» UAZ-29051

We have a network of pavilions of very delicate items - flowers. Moreover, most of the products we deliver from far away. This van really helps, especially in winter. We have never had any problems with van. Always on the go.

Larisa E., owner of pavilions

This truck for us is for all occasions. We deliver meat from factories. When we go trading on local market we sell our products directly from the van. It is very convenient and legal at the same time. Checks of sanitary-and-epidemiologic institution have nothing to complain about. And buyers are satisfied: we always have fresh meat.

Sergey, Manager

I have been driving this van for six years now. On every road I traveled, in the cold and bad weather, I have never heard no complaints from the directors of outlets. Always on time, always perfectly fresh and good condition product.

Constantine, the driver

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Special equipment for
«Product» UAZ-29051

wagon wireframe design
Yes External finishing coat with galvanized sheet
yes Finishing coat with galvanized sheet
1 Courtesy light 12 V, pc
yes Floor cover with galvanized sheet
Enamel Coating underframe anticorrosive structure

«Product» UAZ-29051

Isothermal van based on the UAZ-29051 is used for the carriage of goods in transit which is necessary to observe a certain temperature, as well as cargoes requiring protection against environmental influences. It could be food, medicines, flowers, etc. Due to its high performance maintainability, ease of use and compactness and maneuverability, isothermal van chassis UAZ-29051 is particularly popular in agriculture.

Isothermal van design is characterized by the presence of insulation and environmentally friendly inner lining. For insulating is used interconnected foam panel, which thickness can be from 50 to 100 mm. Van protects the cargo from the differences in temperature and atmospheric moisture. The inner surface that covered with galvanized food is absolutely safe, does not include any toxic substances. Outside the van is covered with plastic (protection from corrosion). It helps to extend the life of the van.

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«Product» UAZ-29051