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Fuel tank trailer SAZ-83176-02

special equipment
Fuel tank trailer SAZ-83176-02

Fuel tank trailer SAZ-83176-02

4695; Length with pole, mm –
2090; width, mm –
height, mm – 934.(with awning – 2004.);
1915; track, mm –
176; ground clearance, mm –
700; the distance between axles, mm –
3240х1680; body dimensions, mm:
380. platform depth, mm -

Gallery Fuel tank trailer SAZ-83176-02

Fuel tank trailer SAZ-83176-02Fuel tank trailer SAZ-83176-02Fuel tank trailer SAZ-83176-02Fuel tank trailer SAZ-83176-02Fuel tank trailer SAZ-83176-02Fuel tank trailer SAZ-83176-02Fuel tank trailer SAZ-83176-02Fuel tank trailer SAZ-83176-02

Reviews for Fuel tank trailer SAZ-83176-02

I can note an elaborate security system on the trailer. All wiring in the area of the tank is mounted in a casing, which protects it from being damaged or falling oil. On the sides of the tank on the platform placed boxes for sand and recoil devices. In front of the body are fixed fire extinguishers.

Yevgeny Vasilyevich, Deputy. Head of the Accident Preventions

Tank-trailer is very useful on a large construction site. Gas station is far away and nobody needs to lose precious time, I just come on my fuel tanker directly at the object for tractors, excavators ... I've been working on a tank-trailer for many years now. This tank is not worse than others..

Alex, the driver

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Special equipment for
Fuel tank trailer SAZ-83176-02

Additional equipment is not provided for this model.

Fuel tank trailer SAZ-83176-02

This trailer is designed for transportation of light oil and for fueling vehicles. Medium cars or tractors can be used as trucks. The trailer performs refueling with a reliable dispenser.

The tank includes an inner body made from a technical stainless steel. Outside it is covered with sheet of structural, low-carbon steel or stainless steel. The space between the buildings is filled with insulating material made of polyurethane foam. High-quality thermal insulation of the tank provides a stable temperature of petroleum products during transportation and storage. Accordingly to regulations, a temperature changes of product allowed within 2 ° C at ambient temperature swing 30 ° C - for 10 hours.

For easy maintenance of the tank, the platform has a place - welded construction. The platform has a step for safe operation of the lift.

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Fuel tank trailer SAZ-83176-02