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Trailer monoaxial PG-8287

special equipment
Trailer monoaxial PG-8287

Trailer monoaxial PG-8287

600 Max cargo weight, kg
150 weight of the equipped trailer, kg
750 gross weight of the equipped trailer with cargo, kg
trailer is frame welded, stamped from sheet steel, welded together with the pole. It consists of two cross connected side members.
-All-metal platform, with the front and rear opening sides, which may be held in a horizontal position thanks to chains;
3,2 platform area, sq.m
1,28 Volume of a platform, m.kb
spring hanger on two longitudinal semi-elliptic leaf springs, shock absorbers, two double-acting hydraulic type;

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Reviews for Trailer monoaxial PG-8287

I have the cargo car with tent. When amounts of goods increased, the place was not enough. And then I added single axle trailer PG-8287. Now, I can load everything I need. Troubles with a single axle trailer happens rare.

Boris, entrepreneur

No one really counted, but the trailer is saving our money. And when I need only one truck, I just unhooked it. Body design is welded, rugged, covered with a dense, high-quality. We hope for long time exploitation.

Konstantin, head of the transportation department

Exact cost of Trailer monoaxial PG-8287

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Special equipment for
Trailer monoaxial PG-8287

Additional equipment is not provided for this model.

Trailer monoaxial PG-8287

This model is lighter than the biaxial and so it is more maneuver and comfortable. The construction with one axis can be manually deployed even if it necessary, in contrast to biaxial.

However, when you intending to purchase such equipment, the most important factor, is permitted weight of the load. More rationally to choose the trailer with one axle, if the load to each wheel, is from 250 to 450 kg. It is also very important to distribute the weight of the transported cargo and make sure that the load on the coupling does not exceed 30 - 70 kg.

PG-8287 trailer meets all the above requirements and wishes. It is designed for the transportation with vehicles UAZ and Gazelle. Running with a tent and without tent – as you want.

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Trailer monoaxial PG-8287