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Biaxial trailer PG-82882

special equipment
Biaxial trailer PG-82882

Biaxial trailer PG-82882

4695; pole length, mm
2090; width, mm
2004; height, mm 934. height with tent, mm
1915; track,mm
176; ground clearance, mm
700; the distance between the axles, mm
3240х1680; body dimensions, mm
380. bead height, mm

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Biaxial trailer PG-82882Biaxial trailer PG-82882Biaxial trailer PG-82882

Reviews for Biaxial trailer PG-82882

It is good that the specialists of SpetsAvto constantly engaged in the modernization of production and UAZ models, including trailers. This trailer is equipped with inertial brake, and this improvement is already appreciated by our drivers. According to them, maneuverability of biaxial trailer on the road has improved considerably.

Basil, an engineer-mechanic

It is good, reliable trailer. We put a tank for 1200 liters on it. Carrying milk, juice and kvass in the summer. Also bought a refrigerator for this porpouse.

Vitaly, commercial director

Exact cost of Biaxial trailer PG-82882

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Special equipment for
Biaxial trailer PG-82882

Additional equipment is not provided for this model.

Biaxial trailer PG-82882

PG-82882 Trailer is decent, reliable "partner" for UAZ trucks and Gazelle. It is designed for the transportation of small consignments of goods on public roads to be coupled to vehicles equipped with a trailer hitch.

The biaxial trailer is equipped with overrun brake that provides maneuverability and safety on the road. The design meets the requirements of OST 37.001.220-93 "Caravans and light trailers. Parameters size. General technical requirements."

In the PG-82 882 base can be set the tent for important loads transportation in all weather conditions. In this tank is designed space for cistern with capacity of 1200 liters or 1,500 for transportation of food liquids such as milk, kvass, beer, etc. Also, you can order a pump for pumping fluid cooler.

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Biaxial trailer PG-82882