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Firefighter complex for UAZ-36222

special equipment
Firefighter complex for UAZ-36222

Firefighter complex for UAZ-36222

900 Nominal tank capacity (up to filling level indicator) l
elliptical shape of the tank capacity
1 Motor pump MP-600 «Deva»
600 Feeding water l / min
60 Nominal pressure of water column l / min
7,5 Suction water m
4/2,4 pressure-suction hoses, pcs. / M
1 Staircase-piece stick
1 Scissors dielectric piece
250 Band barrier, m
1 Fire extinguisher OP-4 pcs
1 Fire extinguisher OU-5 pcs
4 Fire pressure hose DN-51 20m. PC
1 Hook for opening the hatches pcs
1 Shovel piece
1 Scrap piece
1 Boat hook
2 Wheel stop pcs
1 Fire hydrant pcs
1 Key K-80 pcs
2 Pilot light pcs
1 GP-80 pcs
1 canister of gasoline 20L., pcs
1 canister of water 5l
1 Barrel ORT-50 pcs
1 GPS, 20 pcs
1 Foam mixer

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Reviews for Firefighter complex for UAZ-36222

We order this AC-0,9-10 complex in your company for the second time. We are completely satisfied with manager work. They gave us complete information about equipment, cost and delivery. We have all the answers now. Documents were drawn up quickly. I advise everyone to cooperate with Specavto.

Evgeniy Fedorovich, director

In the basic configuration there is everything for operational work. Everything located very comfortable. I didn't conduct heater under the tank yet. In general, no comments.

Sergey, fire inspector

Exact cost of Firefighter complex for UAZ-36222

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Special equipment for
Firefighter complex for UAZ-36222

Additional equipment is not provided for this model.

Firefighter complex for UAZ-36222

Our fire complex is hard and uncompromising response to any fires happening in a countryside, a forest and suburban arrays. It is staffed with special equipment that helps to fight with small fires and ignitions with higher categories.

In this complex is set insulated tank with capacity of 900 liters. It is made of stainless steel. We put an extra heater to pump the tank compartment to ensure the smooth operation of the system during the winter.

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Firefighter complex for UAZ-36222