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«Firefighter car» UAZ-36222

«Firefighter car» UAZ-36222

4470 Length (mm)
2005 Width (mm)
2100 Height, (mm)
210 Ground clearance (mm)
2/2 Number of seats / doors
Gasoline Engine Type
ZMZ-4091 Engine model
2693 Engine capacity, см³
112 Power, (l/s)
110 The maximum speed
1750 Weight, (kg)

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«Firefighter car» UAZ-36222«Firefighter car» UAZ-36222«Firefighter car» UAZ-36222«Firefighter car» UAZ-36222«Firefighter car» UAZ-36222«Firefighter car» UAZ-36222«Firefighter car» UAZ-36222«Firefighter car» UAZ-36222«Firefighter car» UAZ-36222

Reviews for «Firefighter car» UAZ-36222

The highest characteristics. The machine is always on the go and it is very important in our work. Of course, we often use the more powerful technique for large fires. But if the fire is small, and we can’t get close to it easily, the "Firefighter car" UAZ-36222 is the best machine to deal with it.

Sergey, fire brigade commander

I know all roads in near woods and I always can drive everywhere on this truck. Breakdowns? Well, it happens sometimes... But rarely, because I follow the technical condition. And I never have any problems with spare parts.

Ravil, driver.

Summer is dry in local places, thus forests often fire. To extinguish such fires, "Firefighter car" UAZ-36222 is best. Capacity is quite decent, and most important is a high pass ability and simplicity in operation. For our dense places it’s just a right thing.

Alexander E., inspector

Exact cost of «Firefighter car» UAZ-36222

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Special equipment for
«Firefighter car» UAZ-36222

1. Tank 900l (inner container of stainless steel)
presence Frame superstructure, platform - corrugated aluminum
availability Painting the cabin (red color)
1. Thermostat with a heater from the internal combustion engine
1. SGU
4. Suction hose, DN-51, length 2.5 m
4. Pressure hose fireman, DN-51, length 20 m
1. Fire column KPA
1. Foam mixer
1. GPS-200
1. Tank for a foam solution (volume 60 liters)
1. Fire barrel RSK-50
1. Ladder of the stick
1. Shovel yakovaya fire
1. Dielectric Scissors
1. Tape barrier 250m
1. Fire extinguisher OP - 5
1. Fire extinguisher OU - 5
1. Hook for opening hatches manholes
1. Scrap fireman
1. Bagore Fireman
2. Wheel chock
1. Key K-80
2. Phaser device
2. GP 80h50
2. GP 70x50
1. Canister for gasoline 20L
1. Canister for water 5L
1. Motor pump

«Firefighter car» UAZ-36222

All the advantages of UAZ, personalized in the "Firefighter car" UAZ-36222.

This short description we can give of this model. The car has high maneuverability, unpretentious and inexpensive to service. We are staffed "Firefighter car" UAZ-36222 with a full arsenal of fire-technical equipment for localization and liquidation of both small fires and to extinguish fires in the countryside, on social sites, forests and suburban arrays. On the chassis is installed insulated tank capacity of 900 L stainless steel. In additional heater works the pump compartment. A distinctive characteristic of this fire engine is its ability to quickly arrive at the far away sites, where is no asphalt roads. The high efficiency of the vehicle tested in a real situation. The car is almost never fails. There is always available spare parts and service and it makes this model very popular to country settlements.

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«Firefighter car» UAZ-36222