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Milk pump

special equipment
Milk pump

Milk pump

25,4mm entrance and output socket diameter
35m Lift height
8,5m Height of the fence
\ceramic shaft seal material Coal
130l\min. maximum flow
2-stroke petrol engine Robin-Subaru with forced air cooling
(25:1) a mixture of gasoline AI-92 engine oil for two-stroke engines
0,6l. Fuel tank capacity -
actuator. start – reverse
Common information
275х212х298 dimensions WxDxH, mm
5,1кг. dry weight
1 tool kit for engine
1 Filter
2 Hose connection
3 hose clamp

Gallery Milk pump

Reviews for Milk pump

That's right: he begins to pump liquid, even if the inlet conduit is completely empty. Fills the body, for example with milk, then turn it on and that's all. In the chamber appears reduced pressure and the air “suck in” fluid by itself. Very cleverly done.

Eugene, mechanic

Once I was at the pump disassembly and can confirm that all the items inside it perfectly polished! It is very important. If the metal surface will be rough, there would start to multiply microbes which easily could fall into the liquid. And then we should forget about high-quality milk.

Tamara Fedorovna, health inspector

Some note to maintainer! Attach the cover to the pump casing very carefully! Between the cover and the housing air separator should be a complete seal. Otherwise, the pump simply stops pumping.

Arkadi, site master

Exact cost of Milk pump

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Special equipment for
Milk pump

Additional equipment is not provided for this model.

Milk pump

For a milk tanker or other we offer you the self-priming pump milk brand «Robin». It meets the basic requirements of quality and ease:

  • In this unit is installed high performance petrol engine
  • The design provides a straight flow of product and gentle pumping
  • Thanks to the integrated check valve, the pump need not to be pre-filled with water before turning on - to run it is enough to fill with milk only pump part of the body, and motor pump will self-produce fluid intake
  • The applied compact motor pump ensures effective and efficient operation of the pump
  • Mechanical seals and impellers are made of special cast iron to ensure the necessary water resistance

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Milk pump