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«Molokovoz» GAZ – 362211

«Molokovoz» GAZ – 362211

5440 Length (mm)
2500 Width (mm)
2570 Height, (mm)
170 Ground clearance (mm)
2/3 Number of seats/doors
Gasoline Engine Type
ZMZ-4026 Engine model
2445 Engine capacity (cm³ 2)
100 Power (l/s)
115 The maximum speed (km/h)
2200 Weight, (kg)

Gallery «Molokovoz» GAZ – 362211

«Molokovoz» GAZ – 362211«Molokovoz» GAZ – 362211«Molokovoz» GAZ – 362211«Molokovoz» GAZ – 362211«Molokovoz» GAZ – 362211

Reviews for «Molokovoz» GAZ – 362211

Surely, the "milk tanker" on the basis of GAZ's good both for a city, and for a village. Unpretentious, "all-weather" maintainable car. Tank service is very simple and trouble-free. Its mirror cover looks great and also very resistible to all kinds of damage.

Alex, the driver

Our company is engaged in pouring oil into the containers. We bring a liquid product from a neighboring area because we don't have any plant to squeeze at factory. When we bought new milk tanker based on GAZ we finally solved the problem with delivery at 100%.

Dmitri Ivanovich, foreman

Exact cost of «Molokovoz» GAZ – 362211

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«Molokovoz» GAZ – 362211

LPC / VAW tank GAZ - 362211
4474/4501 Length, mm
2100 Width, mm
2300 Height, mm
250/280 Weight kg
2 Number of sections, pcs
1200/1500 Volume, l
elliptical Shape of the tank

«Molokovoz» GAZ – 362211

Special car GAZ-362211 "Molokovoz" is a universal solution for the delivery of milk and other liquid products in urban and rural areas on time. It has a well-deserved reputation as a reliable and visually attractive vehicle either for many producers, retailers and entrepreneurs.

We have provided the possibility of placing the tank total capacity of 1,200 liters or 1,500 liters at a basic gas chassis. It is made of stainless steel 12X18H10T. In fact, it is a big and reliable thermos with an elliptical shape, consisting of two insulated tanks: 600 + 600 + 900 liters or 600 liters. Each tank has an individual drain valve. Of course, we paid attention for a reliable insulation tanker. It is made of polyurethane A-6 73, A-6 CT (density - 60 kg / cubic meters).

Service work is not difficult. On both sides of the machine are located site access to the reservoirs. Each container is provided with a diameter of 500 mm manhole with tightly fitting lid.
Important notification:
Tanker may be provided with refrigeration equipment - to maintain the desired temperature of poured milk.

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«Molokovoz» GAZ – 362211