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«Milk tanker» with cooling UAZ-36221

«Milk tanker» with cooling UAZ-36221

4501 Length, mm
1974 Width, mm
2064...2300 Height, mm
2500 Base, mm
4x4 Wheel formula
3070 The authorized mass, kg
1845 Weight without load, kg
ZMZ-40911 Engine
gearbox 5-speed manual

LKP.or.n/w Tank
ellipse The shape of the container is an
1200/1500 Volume
2 Number of sections
2120/2610 Length, mm
1290 Width, mm
930 Height, mm
250/310 Weight, kg

Gallery «Milk tanker» with cooling UAZ-36221

«Milk tanker» with cooling UAZ-36221«Milk tanker» with cooling UAZ-36221«Milk tanker» with cooling UAZ-36221«Milk tanker» with cooling UAZ-36221

Reviews for «Milk tanker» with cooling UAZ-36221

Quite recently I gave birth to the second son. And that meant I need additional income for my family. Then I realized that in our village almost everyone have cows, that’s why I decided to buy the milk tanker. So I started simple business. Now I collect milk at fellows’ village and carry on milk to plant. My tank contains a lot of milk, more then I even expected. It allows to earn extra money.

Sergey, businessman

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Special equipment for
«Milk tanker» with cooling UAZ-36221

The Series M refrigeration unit is intended for cooling tanks up to four cubic meters in volume.
Model and series HOU MIDI V10 «Series-M»
5H11 Compressor
Compressor drive from the engine of the car
Eliwell_EW974 Controller
R404a Refrigerant
2 Condenser fan 12V, 80W, pcs.
20A The load on the on-board network 12V
2.69 Cooling capacity, kW
6 Rated power at engine speeds of 2000 rpm, kW
3 Minimum power at engine speed of 1000 rpm, kW

«Milk tanker» with cooling UAZ-36221

The special car UAZ-36221 - "Milk tanker" - is intended for transportation of milk, vegetable oil, water, beer, kvass and other liquid products in cross-country conditions.

Tank is made of stainless steel, brand 12X18H10T in the form of a elliptic thermos form, with a general volume of 1200 l. or 1500 l., and consists of 2 isolated tanks, (600+600 liters) and (900 + 600 liters). Both capacities have individual drain cranes.

The thermo insulating layer is made of polyurethane foam of the A-6 73 brand, TT A-6 (density - 60 kg / мЗ). In each capacity there is a mm hatch O-500 for filling, washing and survey of a working surface. On both sides of the car there are special platforms for the maintenance of the machine.

In the tank is Installed low-temperature DKSJ-150 EWL/CAQ the one-compressor unit. Technical characteristics of the unit are given in the table below.

The refrigeration unit is intended for maintenance temperature of the filled-in product in the tank from +2ºС÷6ºС. It is especially important in regions where the daytime temperature of fresh air exceeds +30ºС.

The tank with cooler is used for retail trade (milk, beer, kvass etc.)

The refrigeration unit works from the alternating current main 220B, the additional complete set the independent power supply (IPS) ensures functioning of the refrigerating unit at the movement of the car.

Cooling of the internal dairy tank happens with a cold air (-15º C), arriving along the tank from top to down on special air ducts. Due to natural convection there is a cooling of all mass of milk in the tank.

The tank with air ducts is protected from influence of high temperature of fresh air by a heater layer (polyurethane foam) 60 mm thick.

It is possible to use the refrigeration unit for cooling of pair milk, but it will take more time (more than 6 hours).

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«Milk tanker» with cooling UAZ-36221