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«EMERCOM» UAZ-220695


«EMERCOM» UAZ-220695

«EMERCOM» UAZ-220695

4440 Length (mm)
2010 Width (mm)
2100 Height, (mm)
210 Ground clearance (mm)
4/8 Number of seats/doors
Gasoline Engine Type
ZMZ-4091 Engine model
2693 Engine capacity (cm³ 2)
112 Power (l/s)
110 The maximum speed (km/h)
1855 Weight, (kg)

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«EMERCOM» UAZ-220695«EMERCOM» UAZ-220695«EMERCOM» UAZ-220695«EMERCOM» UAZ-220695

Reviews for «EMERCOM» UAZ-220695

It is very high cross vehicle. Well, what other vehicles can deliver squad to hard-to-hearth so quickly? Only the helicopter, maybe ... Strong body can carry significant loads. And this is an important advantage because you can take the extra equipment.

Arkady, commander of the Ministry of Emergency Situations

When all the equipment is located and properly staffed - it's not just convenience. This is an very important factor of the efficiency and effectiveness of the rescue operation. It is hard to call the design of the cabin emergency vehicle modern, but it is carefully thought out to the smallest detail. Everyone can see that there were some valuable advices from the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

S.Fedorov, head of Ministry of Emergency Situations

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Special equipment for
«EMERCOM» UAZ-220695

Additional equipment is not provided for this model.

«EMERCOM» UAZ-220695

This base model (UAZ-2206) combines bus and all-terrain vehicle at the same time. Safe frame construction, all-metal body, easy at maintenance, simplicity and stunning performance - these qualities are verified by generations. All this allows us to say that the UAZ-2206 - a car for all situations.

That is why this car with such an active and strong character have chosen by rescuers. Four-wheel "partner" will give you no problems, where you need help, and will not fail in the most difficult situation.

EMERCOM UAZ-220695 is designed to deliver emergency rescue calculation in place of natural or man-made disasters. It can carry people and, if it necessary, the goods on all types of roads and terrain.

Cross-country vehicle carried out in accordance with approved standards or by the customer.

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«EMERCOM» UAZ-220695