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"Small forest patrol complex" UAZ 390945

"Small forest patrol complex" UAZ 390945

4847 Length (mm)
1974 Width (mm)
2355 Height, (mm)
205 Ground clearance (mm)
3/5 Number of seats/doors
Gasoline Engine Type
ZMZ-4091 Engine model
2693 Engine capacity (cm³ 2)
112 Power (l/s)
110 The maximum speed (km/h)
1995 Weight, (kg)

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Reviews for "Small forest patrol complex" UAZ 390945

In our local fire station there are two alike complexes. These special vehicles virtually irreplaceable. Tell me, what kind of transport can such quickly deliver the fire brigade with weapons going by bumpy roads?! Only a helicopter, maybe... This is good reliable car. Gregory, commander of the drive compartment

When everything is at hand - it is not just useful for firefighters. From this it depends on the efficiency of quenching. In UAZ forest patrol thought out every detail. Certainly, its developers - our former colleagues.

Eugene S., Deputy. chief IF

This vehicle is ideal for patrolling wild places, delivery people and it is suitable for fire-fighting equipment. This car is so cheap! I do not know what else might be cheaper in this class. Because of the simplicity of the design it can be repaired in the most remote areas. Very good engine.

Dmitri, an expert.

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Special equipment for
"Small forest patrol complex" UAZ 390945

900 water tanks, l
1 Motor pump, pcs
5 incendiary device, pcs
1 Installing fire high-pressure units
1 Chainsaw, pcs
5 Knapsack forest fire extinguisher units
5 Blower - sprayer units
5 smoke and gas protection kit (GDZK) pcs
5 Means for care, pcs

"Small forest patrol complex" UAZ 390945

Our designers developed a forest patrol vehicles with modular type and double cabin on the basis of passenger vehicle. We have focused on the main advantage of the car UAZ - high throughput. It is an effective vehicle ideally fits for patrolling forests and forest fires.

Our car will deliver your experts and firefighting equipment for fire places and will allow to make a full range of necessary fire work for prevention and suppression of forest surface fires. Our UAZ can be used allover the green zone of the Russian forests.

The complete forest fire equipment and tools include: water tank, removable (1 pc.), Pumps (1 pc.), The unit incendiary (5 pcs.), Installation of fire of high pressure (1 pc.), A chainsaw (1 pc.), Backpack forest fire extinguisher (5 pcs.), blower - sprayer (5 pcs.), shovel (5 pcs.), an ax - hoe (5 pcs.), smoke and gas protection kit (GDZK) (5 pcs.), the means for medical care ( 5 pieces.).

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