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Isothermal van

special equipment
Isothermal van

Isothermal van

body wagon design framed
yes External finishing galvanized sheet cover
yes Finishing galvanized sheet
1 Courtesy light 12 V, pcs
yes Flooring galvanized sheet
Enamel anti corrosive coating

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Reviews for Isothermal van

Well, the van was set up on my truck. Uploaded products and went selling. Well, oven heats very well. Delivered everything in most fresh kind. Now this van is already the second year in my use and I have no problems at all.

Andrew, Driver

I don't know what will be in the future, but now we are completely satisfied with this van. Products stay good in any weather. Also it has very useful things - locks on the doors. We purchased exactly this equipment. If we would expand we will buy one more van.

Sergey, businessman

Exact cost of Isothermal van

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Special equipment for
Isothermal van

Additional equipment is not provided for this model.

Isothermal van

Isothermal van is simply irreplaceable for transporting products that require compliance with specific temperature conditions, such as food, pharmaceuticals, flowers.

First of all, isothermal van is a very tough and strong construction that protects the contents from external influences. Outer coverage - clad galvanized steel. Outside it is covered with plastic, which helps to protect van against corrosion and thus extends the life of the van.

The inner surface is absolutely safe. It is made of food grade galvanized steel and it does not contain toxic substances. As insulating material is used interconnected foam panel, which thickness can be from 50 to 100 mm. Van protects the cargo from the temperature and atmospheric humidity drops.

The design of special equipment provides the ability to use locks to prevent entering into the van. All locks are made of galvanized steel.

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Isothermal van