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Bread truck 290513


Bread truck 290513

Bread truck 290513

5940 Length, mm
2180 Width, mm
2520 height, mm
205 Ground clearance, mm
2/2 Number of seats / doors, pcs
Gasoline Engine type
ZMZ-409051 Model of the engine
2693 Engine capacity, cm³
150 Power, hp
110 Maximum speed, km / h
2166 Weight, kg
2166 Weight no-load, kg

Gallery Bread truck 290513

Bread truck 290513Bread truck 290513Bread truck 290513Bread truck 290513Bread truck 290513Bread truck 290513Bread truck 290513

Reviews for Bread truck 290513

We have our own private bakery - one for the whole district. We carry bread, rolls in villages in a "box" for 106 trays. On demand from the shops just enough. Bread is always fresh, "hot" - everyone is happy, the product snapped up.

Gennady, the owner of the bakery

I would point out two important "pluses": good ventilation and comfortable doors. In the body is always dry, despite any bad weather. The aroma inside is always purely natural, bread. And when you reach the trays with the products, the doors easily and conveniently open, then fixed - and do not interfere with unloading.

Vladimir, the driver of "Khlebovoz"

Convenient, especially for a small network of bakeries or confectioneries. Firstly, promptly: we take it back to the factory and by 9:00 we deliver all morning baking, just before the opening of the points. And I do not remember the case that the Oazovsky grain industry was failing. We do not regret at all that we have purchased this machine for ourselves and are now completely independent of the vagaries of third-party road transport organizations.

Arkady S., Manager of the Trading Network

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Special equipment for
Bread truck 290513

Additional equipment is not provided for this model.

Bread truck 290513

Special car Bread truck 290513 is intended for transportation of bread products on all kinds of roads and in conditions of impassability. It is made in the following modification: UAZ-290513 for 98 trays (1372 loaf, 1098 kg), 290513 for 106 trays (1484 loafs, 1187 kg) with reinforcement of the rear suspension, UAZ-290513 for 120 trays (1680 loaf, 1190 kg) with the reinforcement of the rear suspension. Trays are standard, the distance between the trays is 180-185mm

The body is special, closed, all-metal with a wooden ceiling (aspen, linden), with natural supply and exhaust ventilation, ensuring the safety of bread products. The airtightness of the body provides protection from dust, dirt and precipitation. The van has four single-leaf doors with lockable locks. The inner lining is made of galvanized steel. The outer covering of the van is made of clad metal (0.5 mm). Heater - porlex (20mm).

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Bread truck 290513