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Van «For bread»

special equipment
Van «For bread»

Van «For bread»

lots proportions of van with 78
2450mm Length
1930mm Width
1440mm Height
106lots proportions of van with
2930mm Length
1930mm Width
1616mm Height,

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Van "For bread" with 78 trays - the best solution for rural areas. In our case it is fully justified itself. We deliver bread through the village with a population of 1-2 thousand people and to one grocery store.

Alex, businessman

We turned to SpetsAvto and put the van on our Gazelle. Now we sell our fresh hot bread and rolls directly from the tray. In the morning everyone waiting for us in every village. We open just one door and the rest of the products are safe. Very comfortable.

Dmitry, the driver

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Special equipment for
Van «For bread»

Additional equipment is not provided for this model.

Van «For bread»

Bread - a valuable and well-esteemed product in our country. From bakeries to outlets it should be delivered in a completely fresh and attractive way. In our design the bread van, we took into account all the important requirements for the transport of baked goods.

Van is made by metal profile welding (panel-frame technology). It makes body rigid and strong. For upper cover we used a clad metal that provides corrosion resistance. The inner surface of the wagon is made of environmentally friendly materials - food galvanized steel. Foam plays role of insulation material filling the space between the outer and inner lining.

The number of trays in any vehicle model may vary depending on the size of the wagon, the number of doors and distance between trays. On the right side of the meat wagon are four or five single leaf doors. Doors are equipped with rubber seals for pressurization. In order, on the door latch can be installed locking device to be sure the cargo is in safe while transition.

Overall proportions of the bread van, number of doors and distance between trays depends on the basic vehicle chassis features.

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Van «For bread»