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Van «mobile shop»

special equipment
Van «mobile shop»

Van «mobile shop»

wireframe wagon design
Enamel anti corrosive underframe structure coating
yes Stained window with a protective flap
yes Finishing galvanized sheet
1 Courtesy light 12 V, pc
yes Folding chair + table top

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My friends once had a sad experience. He decided to save money and bought a refrigerator in the mobile shops himself. It turned out that it needs non-standard door, because dimensions do not include the shoring. So my advice - order all the equipment and its installation in supplier firms. What I did.

Vera, the owner

Benefits of trading in sight. This is high mobility, the ability to react quickly to fluctuations in demand and to change the location of the point. There are, of course, some troubles with registration of "Mobile shop" as a vehicle. But this is one of the most profitable businesses. The payback period of six months.

Viktor Igorevich, economist

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Special equipment for
Van «mobile shop»

Additional equipment is not provided for this model.

Van «mobile shop»

Almost irreplaceable vehicle for the small trading - van "mobile shop". In the vastness of our motherland it can be seen everywhere. But most of all "mobile shops" are can be found in areas with low population, where the equipment of permanent outlets is unprofitable, during mass events, fairs and mobile markets.

We offer comfortable, elaborate wagon "mobile shop" for installing it on the chassis of the UAZ. Exterior of the van is made of plated steel. Inner space is decorated with MDF, multilayer laminated plywood or plastic, between the plates - a layer of insulation. For floor covering is used linole.

Our "shop on wheels" is equipped with a showcase and single door. Double Glazing. Showcase can be designed both for chilled products (with built-in refrigerator), and for the products that don't require refrigeration.

Van is designed for one or two workplaces. Additional design and scope of delivery can be discussed individually with the customer.

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Van «mobile shop»