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«Disinfector of ODAS» of UAZ-36224

«Disinfector of ODAS» of UAZ-36224

210 Ground clearance (mm)
2,2 Number of seats / doors
Gasoline Engine Type
ZMZ-4091 Engine model
2693 Engine capacity (cm³ 2)
112 Power (l/s)
110 The maximum speed (km/h)
1810 Weight, (kg)

Gallery «Disinfector of ODAS» of UAZ-36224

«Disinfector of ODAS» of UAZ-36224«Disinfector of ODAS» of UAZ-36224«Disinfector of ODAS» of UAZ-36224«Disinfector of ODAS» of UAZ-36224

Reviews for «Disinfector of ODAS» of UAZ-36224

Our area is agricultural. There are huge number of farms where actions for disinfection are very necessary. We service all farms with one car. Requests are painted for several days ahead. And we all happy. Thanks to that we will be invited to water saplings in the spring.

Arkady Dmitriyevich, specialist.

UAZ is very simple in action. It is convenient to fill tanks with solution and to mix different chemicals. The job is neat, not troublesome, is pleasant to me.

Sergey, driver.

Exact cost of «Disinfector of ODAS» of UAZ-36224

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Special equipment for
«Disinfector of ODAS» of UAZ-36224

1200 Tank
1 diaphragm pump DP, pcs
1 coil with a pressure hose, pcs
F0020410 pump Brand DP-1 24D
24 Power supply,V
15 Pressure, m
1% margin of error
+40 Operating temperature , ºС -5 -
20 Operating temperature
35 Productivity, l / min

«Disinfector of ODAS» of UAZ-36224

The multipurpose mobile ODAS installation is intended for washing, disinfection, spraying and aerosol sanitary cleaning. This equipment includes:

  1. The thermo isolated tank with a capacity of 900 or 1200 liters from AiSi 304 stainless steel;
  2. Tanks for disinfecting solutions;
  3. The independent high-pressure apparatus with function of water heating;
  4. Box for accessories.
The range of application is quite wide:
  • Disinfection and disinsection of rooms with hot and cold solutions, suspensions and suspensions matter of disinfectants;
  • Sanitary washing and whitewashing of rooms;
  • Sanitary processing of farm animals;
  • Watering of plantings;
  • Washing and filling of any type of transport.
The equipment is very convenient in application: the cistern is filled with water, tanks with solution mix, after that going heating up to the necessary temperature and in the final supply of solution on the processed surface and happens disinfecting solution. Your specialists will not be disappointed.

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«Disinfector of ODAS» of UAZ-36224