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PCL cooling tank for UAZ-36221

special equipment
PCL cooling tank for UAZ-36221

PCL cooling tank for UAZ-36221

CAQ Compressor Copeland DKSJ −150 EWL
1,61 Power consumption of the compressor, kW
3,25 The cooling capacity kW
70 Sound pressure level, dB
ACS401A Condenser Alfa Laval
11 Nominal capacity kW
1 Number of fans pcs
1,5 The rate of air flow, m /s
3860 Productivity, m3 / h
Svil Evaporator SE-302 2 AE
1556 Air flow, m3 / h
13 Air jet length, m
2 Number of fans pcs
380 Total capacity of fans W

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Reviews for PCL cooling tank for UAZ-36221

Thanks to experts of "SpetsAvto". They complete our order on time. Everything is fully complies with specifications. We've Already experienced it in business and appreciate the structure with insulated containers.

Stanislaw, the chief of the transport department

If anyone still doubts to take a tank with fridge, I can advise not to skimp. If you ever change your mind and start to carry products, this tank will help you to do this. All expenses will be paid back without any doubt.

Svyatoslav, entrepreneur

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Special equipment for
PCL cooling tank for UAZ-36221

Additional equipment is not provided for this model.

PCL cooling tank for UAZ-36221

Are you engaged in the carriage of milk, vegetable oil, water, beer, kvass and other liquid products? You develop your business of delivery and want to carry more, whatever the bad weather and all road conditions? Then we have a great offer for you. If your have UAZ-36221 vehicle - set a tank capacity of 1200 or 1500 liters with the refrigeration unit on it.

The elliptical tank body is made of stainless steel 12X18H10T and consists of two isolated vessels 600 + 600 + 900 L or 600 L. Both containers have individual drains. Thermal insulation layer made of polyurethane foam tank A-73 6, A-6 CT (density - 60 kg / sq m). Each container has a manhole of 500 mm in diameter with a sealed lid for cleaning, inspection, and filling.

The air-cooling capacity will allow to save high quality of milk during transportation and retail trade. Costs will be recouped within 3 months. Cold storage is powered by the vehicle engine.

The tank is available in two outdoor versions: paint coating or shell of stainless steel.

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PCL cooling tank for UAZ-36221