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Stainless milk tank trailers PG-8287

special equipment
Stainless milk tank trailers PG-8287

Stainless milk tank trailers PG-8287

300/600/900; Weight of transported cargo, kg
750/1050; gross weight of the trailer ( load of 600/900 kg). kg
trailer is frame welded, stamped from sheet steel, welded together with the pole. It consists of two cross connected side members.;
platform; all-metal
spring hanger on two longitudinal semi-elliptic leaf springs, shock absorbers, two double-acting hydraulic type;;

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We have six stainless milk tank trailers PG-8287. For what purpose? Because of fact that we launched a line for the production of kvass at our bread-baker factory. Trading in the summer. In the city there are certain points where we deliver tanks and open trading. It is very convenient: with transportation handle two tractors on a set schedule.

Anton, manager

Bought this tank-trailer for collecting and selling of milk. We are putting it in the villages and then bring to the city for sale in residential areas. Tank stainless steel body looks very attractive: its whole appearance underlines the quality of our product. There is a category of buyers, who prefer to buy only natural milk.

Svetlana L., business owner

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Stainless milk tank trailers PG-8287

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Stainless milk tank trailers PG-8287

There are solutions for transportation of milk, vegetable oil, water, beer, kvass and other liquid products - Stainless milk tank trailers PG-8287.The UAZ vehicle or Gazelle can be used as tractor.

The elliptical tank body is made of stainless steel 12X18H10T and consists of two isolated vessels 600 + 600 + 900 L or 600 L. Both containers have individual drains. Thermal insulation layer made of polyurethane foam tank A-73 6, A-6 CT (density - 60 kg / sq m). Each container has a manhole of 500 mm in diameter with a sealed lid for cleaning, inspection, and filling.

The trailer body is welded all-metal platform. The trailer is absolutely reliable in long-term operation.

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Stainless milk tank trailers PG-8287