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PLC tank-trailer PG-8287

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PLC tank-trailer PG-8287

PLC tank-trailer PG-8287

300/600/900 Weight of transported cargo, kg
750/1050 gross weight of the trailer ( load of 600/900 kg). kg
trailer is frame welded, stamped from sheet steel, welded together with the pole. It consists of two cross connected side members.
all-metal platform;
spring hanger on two longitudinal semi-elliptic leaf springs, shock absorbers, two double-acting hydraulic type;

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I would like to mention design features, "sharpened" under the operation in the winter. 1) Pipelines are well protected from frost. All terminals are located in a sealed compartment. 2) Platforms for service tank trailer has a perforated anti-slip surface.

Eugene D., engineer

When we were buying this tank-trailer, I did the acceptance by myself. Mostly good impression. Trailer is sturdy welded. Moreover, welding is not rough. The chassis is good. I have no problem. Tank is made of stainless steel, as claimed. Also a reliable thermal insulation on the neck and lid. We are satisfied with the purchase.

Fedor Viktorovich, specialist

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PLC tank-trailer PG-8287

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PLC tank-trailer PG-8287

We offer a solution for the milk, vegetable oil, water, beer, kvass and other liquid food products transportation - tank - trailer PG-8287. The UAZ vehicle or Gazelle can be used as tractor.

At a basic trailer, we set a one-hulled tank capacity of 600 or 900 liters. In fact, it is a elliptical shape thermos. The inner part is made of stainless steel 12X18H10T. The outer cover is made of polyurethane A-6 TK, A-6 CT (density 60 kg / cubic meters).

Each container has a manhole of 500 mm in diameter with hermetically closing lid for cleaning, inspection, and filling.

The trailer is welded all-metal platform. The trailer is absolutely reliable in long-term operation.

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PLC tank-trailer PG-8287