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Fuel tanker for the UAZ-36223

special equipment
Fuel tanker for the UAZ-36223

Fuel tanker for the UAZ-36223

4474 Length mm
2100 Width, mm
2300 Height, mm
450 Weight, kg
2 Number of sections, pcs
1500 Volume, l
Elliptical Shape of the tank

Gallery Fuel tanker for the UAZ-36223

Reviews for Fuel tanker for the UAZ-36223

We needed a version with two dispensers: one for a gasoline and other for diesel fuel. The difference was in small price. Managers of the company showed and explained everything clearly and gave us documentary for warranty maintenance.

Semenov, Deputy. head of motor transport

We have been figuring out some time where to buy such equipment and finally decided to buy only from the manufacturer. And I do not regret that we made our choice in favor of "SpetsAvto". We bought two tanks for our motor transport, and with them got the promise of full accessibility to all spare parts.

Vadim, senior specialist of car squad

Exact cost of Fuel tanker for the UAZ-36223

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Special equipment for
Fuel tanker for the UAZ-36223

Additional equipment is not provided for this model.

Fuel tanker for the UAZ-36223

Your transport equipment operates at long distances from the nearest gas station? Would you like to solve the problem of fuel-equipment in places where its operate forever? We have a great idea - set tank fuel capacity of 1,500 liters up on the chassis of one of your UAZ. This solution will greatly increase the effectiveness of your transport.

This tanker is designed for transportation, storage and dispensing of light oil density up to 0.83 t / m. Made of stainless steel AISI 304. It is divided into two separate containers: 900 and 600 liters.

For refueling we provides one dispenser on the tank. (If necessary, look at note with two fuel dispensers).

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Fuel tanker for the UAZ-36223