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PLC tank GAZ – 362211

special equipment
PLC tank GAZ – 362211

PLC tank GAZ – 362211

4474/4501 Length mm
2100 Width, mm
2300 Height, mm
250/280 Weight kg
2 Number of sections, pcs
1200/1500 Volume, l
elliptical shape of the tank

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Reviews for PLC tank GAZ – 362211

We ordered this tank for setting it up on our Gazelle. We were satisfied with the work of the company SpetsAvto. Experts showed their best side: it's well-organized team that able to solve complex of problems efficiently and on time. Everything have been done quickly, and we were satisfied with price.

Marat Iskhakovich, Head carpool

I was reclassified as a driver. Previously, I used to work on-board and now I drive a milk gazelles. I thought that will appear much more problems because the tank is need to be maintained. However, I adapted easily. The capacity is made wisely. It is quite easy to fill, serve and wash. I feel so valuable – I carry useful products.

Innokentiy, Driver

Exact cost of PLC tank GAZ – 362211

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Special equipment for
PLC tank GAZ – 362211

Additional equipment is not provided for this model.

PLC tank GAZ – 362211

For delivery of liquid products commonly use stainless steel tanks. If you have small volumes of such traffic, road and climatic conditions are far from ideal, we recommend you to buy our container with capacity of 1200 or 1500 liters. This tank is easy to install on the chassis of the car Gazelle.

The tank has the form of an elliptical shape thermos made with stainless steel 12X18H10T and consists of 2 isolated tanks, 600l + 600l or 900l + 600l. Both containers have individual drains. Thermal insulation layer is made of polyurethane A-6 73, A-6 CT (density - 60 kg / sq m).

Outside the tank is covered with high-quality paint material. Aesthetic and functional. For filling, washing and inspection in each tank provided hatches with a diameter of 500 mm with a sealed lid.

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PLC tank GAZ – 362211