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«Body shop» UAZ-390945

«Body shop» UAZ-390945

4847 Length (mm)
1974 Width (mm)
2355 Height, (mm)
205 Ground clearance (mm)
3/5 Number of seats / doors
Gasoline Engine Type
ZMZ-4091 Engine model
2693 Engine capacity (cm³ 2)
112 Power (l/s)
110 The maximum speed (km/h)
1995 Weight, (kg)

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«Body shop» UAZ-390945«Body shop» UAZ-390945«Body shop» UAZ-390945«Body shop» UAZ-390945«Body shop» UAZ-390945«Body shop» UAZ-390945«Body shop» UAZ-390945«Body shop» UAZ-390945

Reviews for «Body shop» UAZ-390945

The main advantages of "shop on wheels" is the mobility and convenience. The mobility is the most important condition for our operational work of repairmen grids. It is convenient, first of all, for team. Warmth in the cabin, and all the equipment is always at hand.

Arseny, foreman

I even did not penetrate, what do they have in the cabin. We are equipped everything themselves at our own need. They say, it is very convenient for our team. And most important: the machine is always on the move, arrive at objects promptly.

Ildous Rinatovich, Energy Senior

Two things are particularly pleased me. 1. Working compartments open on all sides. It is very easy to work at the facility. 2. Installed additional spring. You can load more and and the level of pass road increases.

Sergei, driver

Exact cost of «Body shop» UAZ-390945

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Special equipment for
«Body shop» UAZ-390945

Carcass wagon type
metal the color of the outer skin white-coated
Lining galvanized sheet
mm Under suit Penoplex 25
2 Courtesy light 12, pcs
1 Capacity 500l, NY

«Body shop» UAZ-390945

What qualities must have the mobile workshop? If we take into account the extreme cases such as accidents, power failures, and other emergency local scales that, at least, the workshop on wheels required to:

  1. Come quickly to the occasions in all weather and road conditions,
  2. Deliver team of repairmen with the necessary equipment and tools to the site
  3. Provide easy access to the equipment for its unloading and operation
"Body shop" UAZ-390945 meets all these requirements. At the base of all-terrain vehicle set the frame type van, directly on the board,. Access to the utility compartment opens on three sides. The outer skin is made of the clad with white metal. Lining is made with galvanized sheet and insulation penoplex 25 mm.

Our garages on wheels can be seen in every corner of the country. They are selected by business people - those who are need high functional efficiency of the vehicle at low cost for its operation and maintenance.

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«Body shop» UAZ-390945