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«Mobile shop» UAZ-29051

«Mobile shop» UAZ-29051

4465 Length (mm)
2015 Width (mm)
2487 Height, (mm)
210 Ground clearance (mm)
2,2 Number of seats / doors
Gasoline Engine Type
ZMZ-4091 Engine model
2693 Engine capacity (cm³ 2)
112 Power (l/s)
110 The maximum speed (km/h)
2036 Weight, (kg)

Gallery «Mobile shop» UAZ-29051

«Mobile shop» UAZ-29051«Mobile shop» UAZ-29051«Mobile shop» UAZ-29051«Mobile shop» UAZ-29051

Reviews for «Mobile shop» UAZ-29051

Earlier we always went to the factory on the "patty", or just on the truck with the awning. It was very uncomfortable. It is necessary to unload the goods, put up a tent or a counter ... Now we bought "mobile shops" - and we now have no problems. Clean, comfortable, culturally.

Anastasia, head of sales department

In our circuit work, anything could happen. Sometimes there is a need to stay overnight directly at the district market. And now we are sure that nothing will happen to our sausages, because we have our own refrigerator in the pavilion.

Semyon, the driver of "Mobile shop"

Maybe someday we will "grow" up to our own network of fixed fast, but today we are quite satisfied with our mobile shops. We puted in the refrigerators for semi-finished products, grills, and formalized cool sign outside and can trade anywhere.

Svetlana, a senior dealer

Exact cost of «Mobile shop» UAZ-29051

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Special equipment for
«Mobile shop» UAZ-29051

wagon wireframe design
Enamel underframe noncorrosive coating structure
yes Stained window with a protective flap
yes Finishing galvanized sheet
1 Courtesy light 12 V, pc
yes Folding chair + table top

«Mobile shop» UAZ-29051

Special car UAZ 29051 is a well-known and well-established on the roads of our enormous country "mobile shop". Comfortable and unpretentious service in a vehicle is simply irreplaceable in trading products or organizations called "fast food on wheels." It will travel where others would not dare, and will come to the place where it is always long-expected.

The vehicle is nice shopping pavilion with reinforced plastic. It includes: the securely fitted counter, safe shatterproof window, electric lighting.

It is impossible to count all application areas for this vehicle. It is for trading on the market or food fair. It can play role of makeshift cafeteria during mass events or urban and rural holidays. This is simple bakery, which comes in the morning to please residents of the neighborhood with fresh baked products.

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«Mobile shop» UAZ-29051