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The unique development - Fire Complex AC-0,9-10
The unique development - Fire Complex AC-0,9-10


Often, technical invention or improvement is born at a time when there is an urgent need arises. This is the background to the idea of production of fire complex AC-0,9-10. This idea was prompted us by practice of fire-rescue operations in conditions of Russia. One day, our researchers and engineers was examining the whole range of vehicles available on the market of fire means, and have come to the conclusion that it lacks a functionally important element. It was about the car with quick response, which would allow to suppress the fire before the arrival of the main fire fighter cars.

As a base we took the UAZ - car-terrain, reliable, unpretentious, maintainability vehicle. It was necessary to develop a special body under it, completed with support for rapid rescue equipment.

Parameters of vehicle were evident. Base chassis UAZ-330365, ZMZ-409 110 engine, all-wheel drive 4x4, 112 hp engine power, engine capacity 2693 cc. But we had to rack our heads over the design of the complex and the formation of fire-rescue equipment . We discovered work and practice of EMERCOM and asked other specialist for help. Thus was born the decision that ensure the effective operation of the whole complex and required a basic set of fire-fighting equipment.

The main components of the PC AC-0,9-10:

  • The stainless still tank capacity 900 liters;
  • Thermo bay with a heater;
  • Motor pump;
  • Fire hydrant with hoses;
  • Other equipment and tools.

However, our company is not limited with the proposal to a basic set of technical facilities. Today we offer our customers the additions or some changes to the equipment according to individual requirements. Flexible approach to clients – the main component of "Specavto".

The machine is designed for work in the countryside, in a wooded area, and in the city. It targets; low-rise buildings, outbuildings, factory shop. Today, the complex can be seen everywhere, where there is a need for rapid localization of fires. The machine serves EMERCOM across the country. "SpetsAvto" regularly take part in tenders for the supply of systems in different regions. The product is patented and meets all the necessary requirements and standards.