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What kind of bread Russian province need?
What kind of bread Russian province need?


In our time, providing the villagers with food is not an unsolvable problem. Almost every village that remote from civilization there is a grocery store, which is owned by some regional trading network or by local entrepreneurs. Each has a set of necessary foodstuffs.

In general, rural grocery store satisfy existing demands. However, some question about the first fresh product, such as bread products, still remain. Bread in the villages are not always at high quality and fresh. Product quality suffers in the following cases:

  • Bread is delivered irregularly and sometimes just stale on the shelves;
  • Vehicles on which businessmen carry bakery products does not meet the special requirements for transportation and preservation of the product;
  • Entrepreneurs are guided on manufacturers that are closer. Bread from such manufacturers may be not very tasty, but the villagers have nothing to do and they buy what they are offering.

In these difficult situations is increasing popularity of delivery service of fresh bread from the popular bakeries and private village bakeries in the morning directly at your home door.

Engineers from "Specavto" have developed a vehicle for transportation of bakery products specifically for these routes and objectives. Special car UAZ-29051 "For bread" is the perfect vehicle for the delivery of bakery products in retail outlets and in the village. It is reliable, easy to use, functional in all weather and in all road conditions. Van designers take into account all health requirements for the transport of products. Van environmentally perfect, insulated and sealed.

We offer for sale two modification of the van: with 78 trays (1092 loaves) and with 106 trays (1484 loaves), depend on your needs and goals. Every tray is standard, each for 14 loaves, distance between trays - 180 mm.

Most reviews on this van are positive. Today, the company "SpetsAvto" can be proud of the business co-operation with a number of entrepreneurs who have acquired their UAZ “For bread” and successfully conduct their business in the most remote corners of the country. Our partners says, they do not have any problems with transportation or servicing of vehicles.

Van drivers in our time are very respectable people. Every hot fresh bread lover is waiting for them every morning in every village, in every bakery. In many cities and regional centers there are private bakeries, which cultivated a real taste of traditional bread. We are glad that we help to deliver this wonderful product with safety and freshness to the table of our fellow citizens.