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Milk business.
Milk business.


The beginning of this story is similar to thousands of others. Victor was born and raised in the village. After driving school went for working to the district center as a driver. Carried Materials, served vegetable base, marketing association. Nothing seemed any changes on the life path.

But once in a short period of time, everything changed. Many times, meeting with friends, Victor heard their arguments like: in the village, they say, there is so much owners keep cows: for milk there is no place to put. “What if we got new milk tanker, collected the product in the courtyards and villages, and then transported it to the dairy and earn real money!” they dreamed. Started making plans how to accumulate the required amount of money. Victor liked this idea too, but never could start to embody this plan to reality. But once happened one case ...

From Siberian work returned Victor's uncle and said that don't want to work on another men anymore and started to think where to spend all earned money wisely. Victor suggest him an old dreamed idea. They discussed and painted all the points on the paper:

  1. The machine needs a tank for 1000 liters, or a little more. It is just enough for village.
  2. The truck must have high pass ability - roads in the area is bad.
  3. Cistern need to complement the refrigerator - to work in hot weather.
  4. Oh, and most importantly, the price should not be off-scale milk tanker - money to spare. Well, you can still take a little ...

When the time for choosing a model has come, they found out that version of "milk tanker" UAZ-36221 was ideal. They immediately found the manufacturer of this model - the company "Specavto" in Ulyanovsk.

In the company where our farmers have come, they discovered for a number of pleasant surprises. Firstly, they were very warmly welcomed. Secondly, they were told in detail about the technical benefits of the acquired model. It turned out hat the tank of 1200 liters made of stainless steel and is conveniently divided into two parts inside. That means that you can use only one "half roll" if you collect not enough milk. Also, when climbed on the tank, made sure that the door closes tightly around the container and the area are very convenient for the service of the whole structure.

The tractor was also examined. Very convenient vehicle. And to everyone's delight, the price of the truck was quite acceptable, even when buying along with a refrigerator. Without any problem they processed documents, and soon, Victor and his uncle opened the IE and began to travel on the new milk tanker across location areas.

Farmer work is hard, but satisfaction of results are incomparably higher than of an employee. Transportation of milk is profitable deal. Victor still feels a sense of gratitude to the managers and, particularly, to the design engineers of the company "Specavto", which gave him a chance for a new, full of meaning, prosperous life. Victor married and soon he will have a child. His uncle himself doesn't drive anymore, but our character is still doing his business on milk tanker UAZ-36221.