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«Milk tanker» of UAZ-36221

«Milk tanker» of UAZ-36221

4501 Length, mm
1974 Width, mm
2064...2300 Height, mm
2500 Base, mm
4x4 Wheel formula
3070 The authorized mass, kg
1845 Weight without load, kg
ZMZ-40911 Engine
5-speed manual gearbox

LKP.or.n/w Tank
ellipse The shape of the container is an
1200/1500 Volume
2 Number of sections
2120/2610 Length, mm
1290 Width, mm
930 Height, mm
250/310 Weight, kg

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«Milk tanker» of UAZ-36221«Milk tanker» of UAZ-36221«Milk tanker» of UAZ-36221«Milk tanker» of UAZ-36221«Milk tanker» of UAZ-36221«Milk tanker» of UAZ-36221«Milk tanker» of UAZ-36221«Milk tanker» of UAZ-36221«Milk tanker» of UAZ-36221

Reviews for «Milk tanker» of UAZ-36221

For our auto enterprise, which deals with delivery of milk to processing, this model is very valuable acquisition. It is about high performance of use this transport at low working costs. Of course, we have completed the car with the refrigerator when we got it.

Rinat Zufarovich, deputy director of ATP.

We have a strict entering quality control of bottling line. Claims from areas are rare thanks to the fact that most of our partners use milk tankers on UAZ base for collecting and delivery our product.

Vera Gennadyevna, technologist of milk plant.

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«Milk tanker» of UAZ-36221

«Milk tanker» of UAZ-36221

The special Milk tanker car UAZ-36221 - is intended for transportation of milk, vegetable oil, water, beer, kvass and other liquid products. This is the irreplaceable assistant to producers, farmers on delivery of products in cross-country conditions.

The tank with a general volume of 1200 or 1500 liters is located on the basic UAZ car chassis and made of stainless steel of brand 12X18H10T. It is the high-quality, reliable thermos of an elliptic form, consisting of two isolated tanks: (600+600 liters) or (900 + 600 liters). Both capacities are supplied with individual drain cranes.

The thermo insulating layer of a tanker is made of polyurethane foam of the A-6 73 brand, TT A-6 (density - 60 kg / мЗ). For filling the washing area and survey of a working surface in each capacity there is a O-500 mm sealed hatch. On both sides of the car there are special platforms for the maintenance of the machine.

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«Milk tanker» of UAZ-36221